TCLAD Inc. Completes Acquisition of Thermal Clad™

May1, 2021 - The long-awaited purchase of the Bergquist Thermal Clad product line from Henkel is now complete. We are most happy to announce that the time has finally come, the original Bergquist Thermal Clad is back, and we are stronger than ever !

Dr David Wang, CEO of TCLAD Inc; “We are happy to own the world renowned, prestigious Bergquist Thermal Clad products. We are committed to be the world’s foremost thermal solutions provider of Insulated Metal Substrates (IMS) laminates, and custom printed circuit boards. We will focus on building strong and meaningful customer relationships, actively participate with their new product designs, and develop new materials and circuit processes that exceed expectations”.  

TCLAD Inc., a Delaware Corporation, has finished the acquisition of the Bergquist Thermal Clad division from Henkel. The purchase included all assets, business, facilities, and technology of the Thermal Clad product line. All inhouse personnel including sales, technical, indirect, and direct employees will remain a part of the new TCLAD Inc. team. The manufacturing headquarters will remain in Prescott, Wisconsin. Our global footprint includes operating divisions strategically located in key locations throughout the world to best serve our customers. TCLAD Inc., Prescott, Wisconsin USA, world Headquarters for sales, R&D, engineering, and manufacturing for Insulated Metal Substrates™ laminates and custom circuits. TCLAD Europe GmbH, Pfaffen-Schwabenheim, Germany is our location for sales, technical support, warehousing, and distribution for greater Europe. TCLAD Technology Corporation, located in Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu City, Taiwan is our location for sales, technical support, warehousing, and distribution in APAC. TCLAD Inc. - Korea, Seoul South Korea, includes sales, warehousing, and distribution.

We serve the automotive, defense and aerospace, industrial power, medical, semiconductor and LED lighting industries. We are focused on developing, manufacturing and selling Thermal Clad products that help solve todays demanding thermal challenges. Our global team of thermal management experts are here to help. Please contact us for further information, email:, phone: +1 715-262-5898, Web: