TCLAD Europe GmbH, a subsidiary of TCLAD Technology Corporation, will take over the Thermal CLAD business from Henkel in Europe, including all dedicated assets, and business support.  The new company name recognizes the history and roots of the Thermal CLAD business and represents our commitment to even greater standards in the future.

The Thermal CLAD business, as a part of The Bergquist Company, and later Henkel Corporation, was one of the first pioneers in the late 1980s in the development of insulated metal substrate “IMS” technology. The business developed a proprietary process for manufacturing high-quality dielectrics designed for applications, which required high thermal performance and electrical strength for applications including automotive, lighting, industrial power, aerospace and defense and semiconductor.  Thermal CLAD products, including laminate sheets and custom circuit board solutions, enjoy a reputation as some of the most reliable and most high-performance materials in the global market today.

Mr. Thomas Michels is the president of TCLAD Europe GmbH. Our European teams provide localized business support and technical assistance to our customers.

TCLAD Europe GmbH

Address: Sprendlingerstraße 28, 55546 Pfaffen-Schwabenheim,

Germany 55546