It is with great pleasure and excitement that we announce the anticipated May 1, 2021 closing of our purchase of Henkel’s
Thermal Clad Insulated Metal Substrates (“TCLAD”) business by our parent company, TCLAD Technology Corporation, a
subsidiary of Polytronics Technology Corporation ("PTTC"). We are taking actions to ensure there will be no delays in
service or manufacturing during this transition period following closing.

TCLAD Inc., a Delaware corporation and subsidiary of TCLAD Technology Corporation, will take over the TCLAD business
from Henkel, including all dedicated assets, business, facilities, and technology of the TCLAD product line. All Henkel
TCLAD personnel, including sales and technical teams, will become part of the new TCLAD Inc., team. As a part of our
global manufacturing strategy, manufacturing operations will remain in Prescott, Wisconsin. The new company name
recognizes the history and roots of the TCLAD business and represents our commitment to even greater standards in the

Our Vision: To be the world’s foremost thermal solutions provider of Insulated Metal Substrates (IMS) materials, and
custom printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Our Mission: To build meaningful customer relationships, actively participate with product design, and develop new
materials and processes that exceed expectations.

Our Promise: To provide the best experience for our valued customers

TCLAD History: As a part of The Bergquist Company, and later Henkel Corporation, the TCLAD business was one of the
first pioneers in the late 1980s in the development of IMS technology. The business developed a proprietary process for
manufacturing high-quality dielectrics designed for applications which require high thermal performance and electrical
strength for applications including automotive, lighting, power, aerospace and defense. The TCLAD business is vertically
integrated with automated laminate material and world class IMS circuit manufacturing facilities, which are dedicated to
metal-based printed circuits. Over the past few years, investments in facility, equipment, and process improvements have
exceeded $18 million. TCLAD products enjoy a reputation as some of the most reliable, high performance materials in
the global market today.

TCLAD - Globally recognized for high quality, high performance, and long-term reliability!
Our team is composed of industry experts that have decades of experience in thermal management PCBs. We are
motivated to create the most innovative solutions to improve the performance of your products while driving down costs
through collaborative design and customer process reviews. TCLAD Inc will be your partner in driving results that are
cooler, safer, and faster!

About PTTC
Polytronics Technology Corporation was established in 1998 and became a publicly traded company in 2001.
Headquarters are in Science-Based Industrial Park, Hsinchu, Taiwan, with satellite locations in Hsinchu Science Park and
Kunshan China. Polytronics Technology Corporation specializes in the production of polymeric positive temperature
coefficient (PPTC) for over voltage and over current protection and thermal management products, thermal conductive
board (TCB) for metal-based PCBs.

We sincerely look forward to supporting your business.

Best Regards,
Daniel Tseng
Vice President
Sales & Marketing Division