World Leaders in Insulated Metal
Substrates and Circuits

TCLAD's Thermal Clad is the leading global solution provider for thermal management Insulated Metal Substrates™. 

Providing robust, high quality thermal management dielectrics materials used in insulated metal substrates for your most demanding applications.

TCLAD's Thermal clad is a three layer system comprised of the following

  • Circuit Layer

    Using standard ED printed circuit foils with thicknesses ranging from 0.5oz to 10oz (17-350um).

  • Dielectric Layer

    The dielectric layer is thermally conductive with excellent electrical strength and is the bonding layer from the circuit to metal base.

  • Base Layer

    This is often aluminum, but other metals such as copper can be used. The base materials are available in a variety of standard gage thicknesses. Please contact us for specific thickness.

Product catalog

  • #1HPL

    Highest performance dielectric available if very thin, 38µm thickness for lower voltage applications, < 150 VDC, and up to 150µm for high voltage application <1200 VDC
  • #2HT

    Excellent thermal performance for single and two-layer applications
  • #3MP

    Standard thermal performance dielectric for lower operating temperature applications
  • #4SJR

    High thermal performance dielectric specifically designed to reduce fatigue stress caused from CTE mismatch between the aluminum base and the ceramic component



    Circuit Design Guidelines
  • IMS Material Selection Guidelines